"My design inspiration
begins with embracing
the abstract...giving
shape to things
we cannot see."


he everyday necessity of a great handbag that can pull it all together - everything from your outfit to your organization to your confidence - defines today's modern woman.

Living in a frantic, busy city and juggling obligations with raising two children, my handbag was my constant. I wanted a bag that reflected my personality, and my life as a professional, creative woman and mother, that was not only durable and strong but fun and fashionable. A bag that not only carried everything that I needed to conquer my day, but didn’t neglect to make me smile.

Our classic and timeless style is designed for today's modern woman. I hand-select every aspect of the bags, from the high quality Italian leather cowhide and lambskin, along with the best lining and hardware, all from local artisans, to create a bag that shows off your best asset: your personality. Our products are handmade in the U.S.A., under the beaming sun of Los Angeles.

Enjoy your day with your Alisn Lee handbag by your side. As it should be.